Lisa Marie Hawtin is an inspirational trainer, is very organised and structured and a great communicator.

The therapists really look forward to training with Lisa, as the sessions are informative, professional and enjoyable. Her commitment and passion for helping the therapists improve both their treatment skills and product knowledge has benefitted our Spa clients enormously.

Ann Costello

Spa Manager @ The Dorchester collection- Coworth Park Ascot

Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire” (W.B Yeats). I can think of no better quote to begin with to describe Lisa Marie’s approach to Training.

Lisa Marie Hawtin has managed our UK Training program since June 2014.She has been responsible for formulating, organising and delivering excellent, first-in-class, training programmes to all of our Spa Partners throughout the UK, as well as Europe. The pedigree of our Spa Partners requires that our training function is delivered in a professional and efficient manner. Her ability to relate to, nurture and motivate Beauty Therapists at all levels is an excellent attribute often commented on. Fulfilling quality training programmes for an elite client base is a challenge that Lisa Marie has excelled in.. Positive feedback from both therapists and Spa Directors is, as expected, consistent.

One of Lisa Marie’s key strengths if her appetite for continuous learning. She has travelled to develop new skills & teaching techniques – always zealous to pass these on to her students. Enthusiastic, articulate, knowledgeable, passionate, warm and patient. Lisa Marie encapsulates the Perfect Trainer.